Xacio Baño’s Eco (programmed out of competition in the native X Films section) maximize minor constructs with an efficiency of means, and reveal emerging talents to watch (take note of the respective premieres at Locarno). Baño’s forte here and with the previous Ser y voltar is catching a memorial drift within domesticity; Echo glimpses a couple, the actor Xosé Barato and his girlfriend Rocío, packing up a home in Galicia in which his mother lived, and they unsuspectingly tap a well of untold history in the discovery of her diaries. “1992 started badly. And who knows how it’s going to end,” she writes, along the way noting films she watched, high blood pressure, dreams of eggs, and a sense of distance from her husband. Has her voice been stolen, as per the Greek myth? Or does it resound in the floorboards, the kitchen tile, the empty wall on which a lone picture hangs?

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